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Hi, Ken Davis here
I'm The Log Crafter!

Sculpture is an ancient form of art and there are many different forms and ways of producing a sculpture. Chainsaws have been used since the mid 1900's to produce sculptures. Somewhat crude at first, chainsaw carving has evolved into a very specialized form of art. There is nothing more dangerous you can do with a chainsaw than carve with it. The Sculptor must always be aware of that fact.

I started carving when I was very young using soap, bark and plaster. I also found apples and potatoes fun to carve. As I grew older I had a love of wood, making cabinets, bars and carving a little now and then. I learned how to use a chainsaw notching logs for log homes. With a little encouragement from my father I tried carving with a chainsaw, I loved it! That was in April of 1989.

I use an assortment of brands and sizes of chainsaws from a Husqvarna with a 3' bar to smaller saws with 20", 16", an 12" bars. Each size chainsaw has a special purpose in the stages of each of my carvings from a full round log to a finished sculpture.

I try to give my sculptures character with as much detail as my saws will allow, which surprises a lot of people. I very rarely use anything but a chainsaw right down to the eyes on a 9" tall squirrel. I feel I use my saws like a painter uses his brushes with a steady hand and control.

I use just about any type of tree that is available, but the most common types I use are Cottonwood, Spruce, Red Fir and standing dead beetle killed Ponderosa Pine. My sculpture carvings range in size from very small to very large. My smallest carvings are only a few inches high while my largest carvings are more than 10 feet tall.

After the carving is done I use a torch and a wood burner to highlight or blacken parts of the sculpture. When I am satisfied with what I have created a mixture of boiled linseed oil and an exterior varnish is applied to slow the drying process and to preserve the sculpture.

I may carve a human figure once in a while but I really specialize in animals. I thank God for this gift to create works of art with my chainsaw.

Log Crafter Enterprises, Inc.
21211 Highway 550
Montrose, CO 81403

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